Thripura (In India) A beautiful land to visit

Thripura is a state in India .It is lying North east of India.Find below an article about Thripura as a tourist destination.

Climate of Tripura

: The state enjoys a typical monsoon climate which varies from sub tropical to temperate in hilly areas. As there are significant changes in the topography of the place, the climate also varies within a short distance. As a whole, the state enjoys all the four seasons that is winter from December to February, pre monsoon from March to April, monsoon from May to September and post monsoon from October to November. The monsoon period lasting from May to September and the average annual rainfall vary between 1500 mm to 2500 mm. The minimum temperature falls during winter is 13 degree Celsius and the maximum temperature during summer goes up to 35 degree Celsius.

Places of attraction in Tripura

Ujjayanta Palace

It is a former royal palace situated in the capital city Agartala. It is currently serves as the state legislative assembly. The palace consists of Durbar Hall, Library and the reception hall. It has three large domes with tiled floors and carved front doors. In front of the main entrance there is a musical fountain with the night floodlights. There is a garden in front of the palace which is similar to the Mughal gardens of Delhi and by the side of this garden there are two large artificial ponds. It is one of the major tourist attraction spot in Tripura.

Tripura Government Museum:

The museum was established in 1970 and is situated in the capital city Agartala. The museum has a nice collection of some rare pictures, sculptures and evidence of the glorious past of the state. The museum is a place for students and research scholars’ who want to know about the culture and tradition of Tripura. The sculptures displayed in the museum are mostly dated back to 9th to 13thcent. A. D. These sculptures are made of sand stone and it is very crude in nature. These sculptures are collected from Udaipur, Pilak, Jolaibari and other sites of Tripura. The sculptures collected from Pilak are the wonderful collections, representing the mixed culture of both Hindu and Buddhist religion and are famous for their unique style.

Sukanta Academy

It is a science museum situated in Agartala town which was established in 1986. The main objective of this museum is to promote science, art and culture through the active involvement of children and youth of the place. In the museum complex, a small planetarium is set up.


It is a shopping complex where you will get beautiful bamboo, cane and wooden handicrafts including cotton, silk, polyester that are the unique products of Tripura. 

Rabindra Kanan

It is a park situated at the heart of the Agartala town and south of Raj Bhawan. This park with lush greenery and an abundance of flowers is a place of real entertainment for children and young people. Another attraction of the park is the ‘puppet house’ where children can enjoy puppet shows.

Benuban Vihar: It is a Buddhist temple situated in northern part of Agartala town. It is one of the important Buddhist destinations in the state. In this monastery visitors can see some small but beautiful metal idols of Buddha. The festival of Buddha Jayanti is celebrated here. Thousands of visitors visit this temple during the festival time.

Sepahijala wildlife sanctuary

The sanctuary is located on Agartala- Udaipur main road, just 25 kilometers away from Agartala town. It covers an area of 18.532 km. There are more than 150 species of native birds and migratory birds have been recorded in the sanctuary. Besides these the sanctuary is also famous for orchid garden, boating facilities and wild life, botanical garden, zoo and elephant joy-rides. Rubber and coffee plantations are another major attraction of this sanctuary.
Accommodation in Sepahijala: Abasarika (Forest Bungalow) and Cottages run by Forest Department are the main accommodations here.

Trishna Wild Life Sanctuary 

It is located in Belonia which is about 100 Km away from Agartala town. The main attraction of this sanctuary is Bison and the native and migratory birds. Safari service is also available for visitors. 
Accommodation in Trishna : Forest Dak Bungalow “Daxminayan” in Belonia

Gomati wildlife Sanctuary:

It is situated at the south east corner of the state and is 40 kilometers away from Agartala. The sanctuary covers an area of 389.540 square kilometers. This sanctuary is famous as a bird sanctuary, varieties of native and migratory birds are found here. Around 230 species of plants including climbing shrubs, herbs and other shrubs are found in this sanctuary. There is a huge water reservoir in the sanctuary which attracts native and migratory birds from far off places. 
Accommodation in Gomati: Forest guest houses are available at Udaipur.

Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary:

It is situated in the north district of Tripura and is about 150 kms away from Agartala town. It covers an area of 85 hectares. This is primarily a bird sanctuary with more than 150 species of birds including migratory birds. 
Accommodation in Rowa: Accommodation is available at Panisagar or Kumarghat.

Jampui Hills

This is the highest hill range in the state, situated at an altitude of 3000 m above sea level and is 200 kms away from Agartala town. It is one of the most attractive sites in Tripura because of its wonderful climate and charming landscape. The other attractions are orange garden, view of sun rising and sun set and the beautiful lush green forest land. Orchids and other wild flowering trees during the months of March to May make the whole place so beautiful that the visitors always reminds it in their life. The sunrise and sunset in the hill range with natural beauty, pleasant weather, various species of trees, orange gardens, hospitable people and their rich cultural heritage makes the place a perfect destination for visitors of Tripura.
Accommodation in Jampui Hills: Tourist Lodge in Vangmun village is the ideal accommodation here

Tripura Sundari Temple

It is a Shakti peeth temple and one of the important pilgrimage destinations for Hindu. The temple is situated at 55 kilometers away from Agartala town. Along with the main deity the other most important Goddess of this temple is’Kali’, who is worshipped in her incarnation as ‘Shoroshi’ (sixteen year old girl). Here Maa kali is called ‘Chotto Maa’who stands beside the main deity Durga. The temple was constructed in 1501 A.D. by the then king Dhanya Manikya. There is the famous ‘Kalyan Sagar’ lake in the eastern side of the temple where you can see fishes and tortoises of huge size. Every year ‘Diwali’ festival is celebrated in this temple and a famous ‘Mela’ or fair takes place near the temple. 
Accommodation near the temple: Gunabati Tourist Lodge and Gomati Yatriniwas are the main accommodations available here.

Kamalasagar Kali Temple

This temple was built by King dhanya Manikya in the late 15 th centuary. The temple is situated on the hill top, just beside the Bangladesh border and is 28 kilometers away from Agartala town. There is a lake in front of the temple which attracts the visitors from across the country. 
Accommodation near the temple: Comilla View Tourist Lodge is situated near the temple which provides all the necessary facilities to the visitors.

Jaganatha Temple 

The temple is situated at the heart of Agartala city and is famous from the pilgrims point of view. The other attraction of the temple is its architectural achievement and the impression pradhkshin patha round the sanctum. The pillars of the temple are crowned by square and pyramidal cones which are very unique and a kind of its own.

Mahamuni Pagoda

: It is a Buddhist temple situated at Manu Bankul village in South Tripura. The temple is famous as an ancient Buddhist monastery. A week long fair is held every year in the month of March-April in this temple. Thousands of Buddhist pilgrims from every part of the country as well as from neighbouring countries visit this temple, especially during the ‘Owha’ festival. It is 155 kilometers away from Agartala town.
Accommodation near the temple: Many tourist lodges like Pilak Tourist Lodge(Jolaiabri), Mahamuni Tourist Lodge(Mahamuni), Manu Yatri Niwas(Manu) and Dakshinayak Tourist Lodge(Sabroom) are available here.

Rudrasagar lake and Neer mahal

The lake is situated at about 55 Km away from Agartala near Melaghar. The lake covers an area of 5.3 Sq.Km. In the centre of the lake there is a famous lake palace namely “Neermahal” is built. The Palace was built by the then king Bir Bikram Kishore manikya in 1930 A.D. The lake is a home to thousands of migratory birds who visit this place during winter season.Boat race festival is organized in July/August every year in this lake. 
Accommodation near Rudrasagar lake: Sagar Mahal Tourist Lodge, Melaghar

How to Reach Tripura

By Air: Agartala Airport is the main airport in the state. Public and private airlines operate regular service to and from the capital city Agartala. The state has 3 more airports in Khowai, Kamalpur and Kailashahar . From Guwahati and Kolkata it takes 45 minutes time to reach Tripura. 
By Road: The National Highway No.44 connects Agartala to Guwahati via Shillong. It takes 24 hours from Guwahati to reach Agartala by bus. 
By Train: The nearest railhead is Kumarghat , which is at a distance of 140 Km. away from Agartala. It is linked by railways to Guwahati.

Some of the important accommodations in Agartala

1. Ginger Hotel Agartala
Khejur Bagan, Airport road,
Barjala Mouja, Agartala 
Tel:0381 2303333
2. Hotel City Centre
HGB Rd, Agartala 
Tel:0381 2385270

3. Hotel Nirmala A.B. Road, Opp.Jute Mill, Bivakananda Chowmuhani, Hapania, Agartala, 123456 Agartala, India.

4.Swasti Deep  Swasti Deep c/o Ratico Pvt Ltd., , Mantri Bari Road Ext., South Side of Netaji Play Centre, Agartala, 799001 Agartala, India

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