Malampuzha Gardens and Dam-tourist spot in Kerala

Malampuzha Gardens is a tourist spot  near Palakkad in Kerala state of India.Malampuzha Dam is the largest reservoir in Kerala with the scenic hills of the Western Ghats in the background.The dam is 6,066 feet high and crosses the Malampuzha River, a tributary of Bharathappuzha, Kerala’s second longest river.

Malampuzha is one of the famous tourist attractions in Kerala state in India. It is a small  township situating in the foot hills of the Western Ghats. In malampuzha there is a dam which is the biggest in Kerala and it is crossing between the longest river in Kerala Bharathapuzha. River Malampuzha is a is a tributary of river ‘kalpathi puzha’. Malampuzha is the sum of words ‘mala’ means ‘hill’ and ‘puzha’ means ‘river’. Its trekking trails and large irrigation dam are a favorite with tourists as well as film directors as ideal location for shooting.

It is built in the river at Malampuzha which is lying about 8 km from Palakkad town. The reservoir of Malampuzha Dam is 23.13 square kilometres in area and which the second largest reservoir in Kerala is. The construction of Malampuzha dam started in the year 1949 and was completed in the year 1955. The project is estimated to have cost around INR. 5.3 Crores (53 million) in that time.

Malampuzha is also the biggest irrigation project in Kerala with a large network of canal systems. It will help the farmers in palakkad district to get water in the summer for their crops.

The dam was conceived as a multi-purpose project to provide water for irrigation, drinking, industries, power generation, fish farming and water transport. Soon after the inauguration on October 9th 1955 of the dam, Palakkad and Malampuzha became a part of the newly formed Kerala State. Kerala Government started the Malampuzha Gardens on the front side of the dam.

In the Dam, boating facilities are available. There is an enormous Yakshi (an enchantress) sculptured by Kanai Kunhiraman(a great sculpture). There are some other attractions like Malampuzha garden comprises beautiful greenish garden and amusement parks around the reservoir, Rock garden, an aquarium in the shape of a fish, a snake park, and a rope way through which you can see the aerial view of all the beauty of Malampuzha.

The rock garden in Malampuzha is built by famous master sculptor Sri.Nech chand saini, who built the rock garden in Chandigarh also. The speciality of rock garden is it is made with broken pieces of bangles, tiles, and other waste materials.

In 2005, major renovation works started in Malampuzha Gardens as part of the Golden Jubilee celebrations. The dam was re-painted, and a huge LED Hoarding was placed on top of the dam. The entire garden was demolished for constructing a new and modern garden. At a cost of Rs. 21.57 crores, a new garden was created which has made Malampuzha Gardens the best tourist destination of Kerala.

The entire garden is under video surveillance under the Tourism Police. The following facilities are available in the garden:

  • Pure Drinking Water (Do not litter the garden with water bottles)
  • Food Court
  • Toilet
  • Dam Top Safari
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wheel Chair
  • Shopping Court
  • Boating
  • Children’s Park
  • Security Officers at important points

For any assistance in Malampuzha Gardens, please call the Tourism Police Aid Post : +91 9497 933 947 or Malampuzha Police Station : +91 491 281 5284.

The dam and the gardens are open from 9:00 AM in the morning to 8:00 PM in the evenings on all days.

Kerala tourism Development Council(KTDC) owned a Hotel near Malampuzha and its address is giving below.

Garden House (KTDC )  
Palakkad – 678651
+ 91 491 2815217, 

Best Season: 
September to May


Nearest railway station: Palakkad Junction – 5 km 
Nearest airport: Coimbatore Airport – 55 km 
Nearest international airport: Cochin International Airport

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