The myth behind Dracula

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Every body in the world from child to old heard the name of Dracula.The picture of this  king of terror affixed tightly in everybody’s mind with ultimate horror.Find below a short essay about Dracula which will help to know more details about the real story of Dracula.

Romania is a country in Europe. There is a province named Transvania. There is a place called Vallaliya in the Carpathian hills. Around 500 years back the place was a ruled by a king called Vlad Tepis. He had another name “Dracula”. In the local language its meaning is son of devil. He was born in 1431 in Sighisoara and ruled the Wallachia region of Romania at various times between 1456 and 1462. Vlad’s father (also called Vlad) was prince of Wallachia from 1436 to 1442 and was also a ferocious warrior, a member of the Dragon Order, or ‘Dracul’ order in the local dialect. That’s where the name comes from.

Carpathian Hills

Vallaliya was a small and beautiful country but the ruler Tepis was a bad human being and he treated the people as beggars. His villianistic stories spread around the world. One day he was travelled through the streets in Vallaliya. He saw some beggars roaming around the street. Tepis ordered to give a feast to them. While they were having the food, he locked the building from outside and given fire to it.

In the stories spread around the world, his main hobby was to bring the thieves and other criminals to a place where he screwed their hands and legs into big wooden pieces. Once, Turkish army attacked Vallaliya.Tepis showed them the frightening scene of thousands of people hanged in the wooden pieces. By the very first scene of this, the Turkish army ran away back to their country.Atleast one lakhs of people were killed during his tenure and he ruled Vallaliya for only six years. Within this less time he had done all this evil things!!!! In 1476 August, Tepis was killed in a foreign attack.

After his death the stories about his evil habits and incidents spread around the world. Also people, who heard these stories, added their own thoughts into it. With this he became a ghost like man, who drinks the human blood and an immortal vampire.

But today Rumanians are considering Vlad Tepis as a national hero .For them he is a national freedom fighter fought against the foreigners.

Bram stocker also heard this stories and he wrote an excellent story of Dracula. This year is the 100th year after publishing the novel “Dracula”

Today the castle which Dracula lived is a tourist place and it is a main income for Rumanian government.

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