Bajaj auto releases new low cost car Qute (RE60) in INDIA

Photo of Bajaj Qute (RE60)
  • It is the smallest four-wheeler available in India at present.
  • Claimed fuel efficiency stands at 35kmpl for petrol variant and 43km/kg for CNG which is a very good at any level.
  • The quadricycle can hit speeds of up to 70 kmph as per the manufacturer.
  • Its priced at Rs 2.48 Lakh for the petrol variant and Rs 2.78 lakh for the CNG variant.

Bajaj has now launched the Qute in Maharashtra recently, after launching it in Kerala, Gujarat, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. Powering the Qute is a 216.6cc, four-stroke, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine that makes 13.1PS of power and 18.9Nm of torque. The CNG variant, on the other hand, produces 11PS of power and 16.1Nm of torque. The engine comes mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. Aimed at the three-wheeler market in India, the Qute is better than any other model at present in India.

As of now, it is available for commercial use only and will available in the cities according to permit

Bajaj has been manufacturing the quadricycle in India since four years for export markets.

Why Bajaj Qute RE60???? The owners says that the other common low cost vehicles like motorcycles, auto rickshaws and small cars all perform adequately in the city, but they’re not perfect. Quite has many common abilities of all of them. The small motorcycle-sized engine gives it great mileage – Bajaj claims 36kmpl from petrol and 45km/kg from CNG. Like an auto, it’s still basic people transport and so it’s relatively inexpensive and cheap to maintain – Baja Claim as little as Rs 1.53 per kilometer. And it borrows the stability and the obvious protection of four doors and four wheels from a regular car. So it can legally carry more people than a motorcycle and is more weather proof and stable than an auto. But with no AC or even a blower, and the fact that it’s confined to city limits, it’s not as free roaming as a car either. And it is obvious that without AC many will not prefer to drive in the recent years even a commercial vehicle as the heat is increasing every year throughout the country.

Is it cute?? The Qute actually looks quite conventional. Its face consisits with two large halogen headlamps and a large chrome Qute logo between them. Under that is a grill that borrows some more tech from the motorcycle world. It uses the ram air principle to force air up the A-pillar and into the cabin or onto the windshield for better ventilation. The bonnet opens to reveal a 77-litre storage area for shopping or a small bag, but it’s subject to a 20kg weight limit. On the side, you’ll notice that Bajaj has taken efforts to give the shoulder a characterful slope even though the sliding windows would have been easier to execute with a straight horizontal window line.

Its key features are Power Windows, Airbags, ABS, Central Locking, Fog Lamps, Child Safety Lock, Adjustable headlamps, Gear Shift Indicator

Qute (RE60) Variants Price List

Qute (RE60) Qute Petrol

| Petrol | Manual

4 thoughts on “Bajaj auto releases new low cost car Qute (RE60) in INDIA

  1. The company claims that the car would have a mileage of close to 40 km per litre and will have a 200 cc engine with price 1.25 lacks
    I am interested to purchase this car immediately.Please provide me the address from where I can book this car.I am leaving in Mehsana North Gujarat.My Mobile number is 9426089998


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