Edouard Louis, aged 26, born in France in 1992. He is a well known French writer in the modern era.

His first novel ”En finir avec Eddy Bellegueule”, based on his childhood memories. He was born in a poor family and his father was a factoryworker. He studied with the help of government welfare scheme. In his first novel, he sketch the poverty, alcoholism and racism which he was dealt with during his childhood in his family and surroundings. His name at the birth was  Eddy Bellegueule and he changed his name on 2013 to Édouard Louis. In 2014, he published first novel and it was in French language. It was published in English in 2018 in the name of “The end of Eddy”. Due to its heart touching story, this book took wide attention from media and everybody hailed its style and emotion filling language. This was a best seller in France  and translated into many languages.

In 2016, Louis published his second novel, History of Violence. In recounting the story of his rape and attempted murder on Christmas Eve of 2012, the autobiographical novel centers around the cyclical and self-perpetuating nature of violence in society.

In May 2018, Louis released his third novel, Qui a tué mon père (Who Killed My Father), in which he expands upon this theme. He explores the deteriorating health of his father, who had been severely injured in an industrial accident, and the additional bodily harm he endures as a result of political decisions that reduced his financial support and forced him back to work. This book transmits his anger against that violence. Who Killed My Father is the truth about politics and politicians; a question, literally, of life and death. As per him to an interview to The Guardian “We know if you are a factory worker in France you have a 50% higher chance of dying before 55 compared with executives. Working-class women are more likely to suffer violence; blacks and Arabs are more likely to die. Politicians deny this reality. I have tried to restore the truth of this through my father’s story. “

Louis want to make violence as a central character or theme in his books.  “I want to be a writer of violence,” he has said. “The more you talk about violence, the more you can undo violence.” This shows that how much he faced and tortured throughout his life and ultimately his literature life is an answer to those people or circumstances who made violence in his life.

His main works show down.

  • En finir avec Eddy Bellequeule(French) 2014 ISBN 9782021117707

The end of Eddy (English) 2017 ISBN978-1846559006.

  • Histoire de la violence( French) 2016 ISBN 2021177785

History of Violence(English) 2018 ISBN9781787300392.

  • Qui a tue mon pere( French) 2018 ISBN2021399435

Who killed my father (English) 2019, ISBN 9781787301221.

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